Everyone has challenges. We just need to start talking about them.

Marie-Louise is a Clinical Social Worker who has held senior positions at major metropolitan Melbourne hospitals including St Vincent’s and The Royal Melbourne. Marie-Louise has been studying personal development for the past 14 years. Influenced by social workers and strategist such as Brene Brown and Anthony Robbins, she has a diverse and engaging skill set that allows her to navigate complex problems and find simple solutions. Marie-Louise uses practical strategies and unique distinctions to facilitate change.

Mental health social worker

Her experience includes:

International mindset coach for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome at CFS Health

10 years experience in Eating Disorders and Body Image

Held senior positions at 2 major metropolitan hospitals in Melbourne

Graduate of Institution for Integrative Nutrition

Director of Operations for Aspire leadership and Development Programs

Trained by international performance and development coach

Mark Dobson 

Head of staff training and development at Innate Youth

Writer for Food Matters international health and wellness hub

CFS Health

“I live by the age-old saying the truth will set you free. I’ve witnessed firsthand the power of being honest and the freedom that comes with it. Honest conversations aren’t always easy but they are totally worth it! They are the way out. The difference between feeling hopeful or trapped often comes down to talking openly to the right person.”