Fit and Unhappy

Eating and Exercising Ourselves Sick. Socially Acceptable Eating Disorders – What to Look Out For.

  • Do you often feel guilty if you don’t make it to your gym class?
  • Or go even when you are exhausted or not feeling well?
  • Do you only feel okay about eating something you consider ‘bad’ if you know have been or are going to exercise later?
  • Do you find it difficult to go out and socialize because it’s hard to find restaurants that have foods you allow yourself to eat?
  • When you get stressed do you become more rigid with your exercise regime and/or what you are ‘allowed’ to eat?
  • Do you feel like no matter how ‘well’

chronic fatigue

Fatigued, Bed-Bound, Unemployed and Ready to Change the World

As I lay my head on my desk a tear falls from my eye. How on earth am I going to get through this day? It’s 8:30 a.m. on a Monday. The necessary weekend debrief starts, only to be interrupted by a phone call saying one of the patients is running late. My next eight hours will consist of patients, meetings and hopefully enough time for a toilet break. I’m exhausted, my eyes are burning and I feel sick—but not the usual sick. Something strange is going on. I’ve been so exhausted lately. I push myself to stand up, remembering

morally eating

Morally Eating – Can You Have Your Cake and Eat it Too?

What we put into our bodies is quickly becoming as controversial as vaccinating your kids. People are increasingly opinionated about what is ‘good’ and ‘bad’ for you when it comes to food.  Just turn on the TV or scroll through your favorite social media page. The messages we get bombarded with every day are by no means subtle! If you eat (insert gluten free, dairy-free, sugar-free meal here), you are a good person. Scroll further and you’ll find all the reasons why you ‘lack discipline’ or need to earn your ‘treat day.’ These judgments about what we eat have become