Taking responsibility for our emotional health is essential if we want to move through our struggles and towards a life we are truly passionate about.


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improve your Emotional health with Marie Louise Metres


6 x 1 hour sessions Weekly / Fortnightly 1 hour appointments Session times / duration
3 x 20 minute phone calls Email Support No. of phone calls
Email Support Available in person, telephone or Skype Email Support
Available in person, telephone or Skype Available in person, telephone or Skype



✔ Identify your values and create synergy in your life
✔ Reduce stress and increase your experience of joy
✔ Understand the fundamentals necessary for recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
✔ Get clear on the link between mindset and recovery from a chronic illness
✔ Improve your relationship with food minus the guilt
✔ Understand yourself better and spend more time doing what you love
✔ Communicate more effectively with those around you
✔ Improve your relationship with your body
✔ Learn how to get out of your head and into your heart space

✔ Access to individuals who have successfully recovered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, including monthly webinars, group coaching, blogs and audios!


Please note that all first appointments are in person (except where this is not possible due to Health restrictions) following that you can customize your package to work for you. The average appointment will go for approximately 50 minutes. please contact me for more information.